Jsiam annual conference 2009

From September 28th through 30th, 2009. Banquet party: 29th(Tue.)
Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University (Machikaneyama 1, Toyonaka city, Osaka, JAPAN)
Map: No. 11 building
Date From September 28th through 30th, 2009.
Banquet party: 29th(Tue.)
Place Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University (Machikaneyama 1, Toyonaka city, Osaka, JAPAN)
Map: No. 11 building
Transportation (to be uploaded soon)
Accomodation The committee will not serve as a mediator.
Some guidance will be uploaded soon.
Classes of Talks The talks fo Annual conference of Jsiam are generally devided 3 classes:
  1. General talks,
  2. Talks in organized sessions sponsored by Jsiam research sections,
  3. Talks in organized sessions sponsored by Jsiam regular members.
Please note that different classes have different applications.
Important Dates
Organized session proposals sponsored by regular member
Until 06.19 (prolonged)
Application of industrial exhibition
Until 06.19 (prolonged)
Registration 2009.05.25 -- 09.18.
After this period the online registration will be terminated. You will be able to register at the conference reception desk.
Payment in advance 2009.05.25 -- 08.28 09.04 (prolonged).
After this period the banking transfer will be terminated. You will be able to pay fee at the conference reception desk.
      ※ Please register before payment.
Application of talks
2009.05.25 -- 07.17 07.31 (prolonged)
Submission of the proceedings
2009.08.01 -- 08.27
General Info Registration, application of talks and submission of the proceedings will be done on our Open Conference Systems.
What should we do? If you will have some talks in the conference, do the procedures ""1"" to ""4"".
If you have no plan of talk and will participate the conference, do the procedures ""1"" to ""2"".
Procedure ""1"" : Registration

After the online-registration period, you have to register at the conference reception desk.
This procedure makes your account on the Open Conference Systems.
On this registration you will obtain a ""Registration ID Number"". Use this ID number when you pay in advance.
Procedure ""2"" : Payment in advance

After the banking transfer period, you have to pay fee at the conference reception desk.
Procedure ""3"" : Applications of talks

After the application of talks period, you cannot apply any talks.
Procedure ""4"" : Submissions of the proceedings

You are able to submit your proceedings from 08.01 -- 08.27.
>> Format of proceedings
Confirmation, Modification and Cancel
General Talks Each of presenters, the honorary member, regular member and student member of Jsiam, will have 1 or 2 talks. Presentation time is 20 minutes including questions and answers.
As a corporate supporting member, you are not able to apply to have any presentation. Please refer Privileges of corporate supporting members.
Organized Sessions Proposals of organized sessions by regular members : Please contact the conference committee by 06.19.

Proposals of organized sessions by research sections: It will be organized by the section managers.

In organized sessions: Time of talks are determined by the organizers and you are able to be a presenter, even not a membership of Jsiam, by permission of the organizer.
Privileges Presenters who gave presentation in organized sessions by research sections have opportunities to contribute to the ""Jsiam Letter."" Please refer Jsiam Letter in detail.
Under some conditions, presenters in organized sessions by regular members also have opportunities to contribute to the ""Jsiam Letters"" by permission of conference committee.
Notation: Papers in general talks will not be contributed to the ""Jsiam Letters.""
Young Excellent Presenter Awards Presenters under 35 (years old) as of April 1, 2009 who have not yet won this award have the right to receive the Young Excellent Presenter Award. Please refer Young Excellent Presenter Awards .
Banquet A banquet will be held on 29th September. The share of the cost is 5000 japanese yen.
Although applicants will be accepted on the day, we hope that the applicants, expecting to participate, will pay the pre-payment in advance.
Proceedings Annual conference proceedings will be handed at the reception desk.
Facilities Projector for PC is equipped in every venue.
OHP also will be set if you are going to use it, please apply for it on application of talks.
The committee will not offer any PC, please bring your own PC for presentation.
Application of industrial exhibition Please make contact with the committee for both booth exhibition and catalogue exhibition by 6.19. In detail, please refer a exhibition manual (word file) ・ application form(word file).
Registration Fee * There are two payment methods, one is payment in advance by 8.28 9.4 and another one is payment in cash at the conference reception desk.
* Please refer to Payment in advance for transferring method etc.
* Doctorial course students belong to the student member class of Jsiam.
* Two corporate supporting member persons per one supporting unit can register by paying as regular members (They cannot make any presentation). Please refer Privileges of corporate supporting members. for further information.

Registration fee: Payment in advance
Member (Regular member) 4,000 yen,     (Student member) 2,000 yen
Not member (non-student) 5,000 yen,     (student) 2,500 yen
Regisitration fee: Payment at the reception desk
Member (Regular member) 5,000 yen,     (Student member) 2,500 yen
Not member (non-student) 6,000 yen,     (student) 3,000 yen
Payment in advance
Guidance ※ Please register on web before the pre-payment.
Pre-payments will be accepted from 5.28 -- 8.28 9.4.

Please send the registration fee by postal transfer or bank transfer.
It will be convenient for you to use the Postal Transfer Paper which we sent to regular members in April.
In any case, please fill the following information into appropriate input information column.
  • Membership No.(In the case of membership)
  • Registration No.(Will be issued when you make registration)
  • Your Affiliation
  • Your Name
  • E-mail address
  • Attendance to the banquet
Registration No. will be issued when you make registration on web.
If you will participate the banquet on September 29th, please transfer fee by adding 5000 yen of registration fee.
Postal transfer destination Account Number: 00960-5-200686
Account Name: (応数年会) Annual conference of Jsiam
Bank transfer destination Bank: Japan Post Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)
Branch: 099(zero nine nine)
The deposit item: Current account
Account name: (応数年会) Annual conference of Jsiam
Account number: 0200686
Cancel Policy (To the whom cancel or modify information of registration)
Please make contact with the executive committee if you are going to cancel or revise the registration.
If you contact the committee by September 19th, just registration fee will be refunded by deducting the transfer process costs. The participant fee of banquet will not be refunded.
On canceling after September 20th, any costs will not be refunded.
Manuscript of Proceeding
  • Your manuscript should be a PDF file.

  • A4(vertical position) and 2 page for one talk in general talks.
    For talks in the organized sessions, you may use more pages by permission of organaizers.

  • The margin is 20mm top edge, 30mm bottom edge and 30mm right and left edges.

  • Please state the following items on the manuscript:
    1. Title of talk (in Japanese and English)
    2. Author(s') name(s) (in Japanese and English)
    3. Affiliation(s) (in Japanese and English)
    4. E-mail address of one of author(s)
    5. Keywords (in Japanese and English)

  • Font sizes are larger than 9pt in the text, figures and tables.

  • There is no rule about the number of lines and characters per a page.

  • Please do not type the page number.

  • Please make it in monochrome. Color print is not accepted.

  • The manuscript will be offset printed by reducing to B5 size.
Proceeding Sample Pdf file(1-column and 2-column), MS Word file(1-column, 2-column)
Note about PDF
  • Please embed all fonts in your PDF file.
  • Please confirm to print and read the final version of the your manuscript pdf file by using appropriate tools such as Adobe reader.
  • To avoid garbling, please check the quality of your manuscript in different environment. The executive committee do not amend any garbled characters.
After the Conference The conference proceedings will be sent to the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Talk titles, authors, affliations, short abstracts (will be made by JST), indices (made by JST) and etc. will be recorded in the database of JST (but any full article will not be recorded).
Recording into the database, above data will be public.
Please note that, even in the case that you cancel, your data may be recorded if your cancel timing is late.

JSIAM is one of societies which are listed by the Commissioner of Japan Patent Office ( >> refer) as academic societies for article 30 of Japan patent law. Please refer about article 30 of Japan patent law(in Japanese) for further informaiton.
Copyright of Proceedings Based on the Jsiam regulation, all copyrights of conference proceedings will be transfer to Jsiam on submission of the manuscripts. For this copyright transfer we will not use any paper in written. When the manuscript is not printed on the conference proceedings this transfer is null and void.
Please confirm that all authors agree to transfer their copyright on submission.

Please refer Jsiam copyright regulation (in Japanese) for further information.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact with the executive committee.
Jsiam annual conference 2009 executive committee
e-mail: jsiam2009__AT__mail.jsiam.org