Jose Mas 教授の講演会

速水 謙(国立情報学研究所)
2010年 2月10日 14:00-15:00 / February 10th (Mon) 2-3pm
国立情報学研究所 15F Room 1512 / National Institute of Informatics, 15F, Room 1512
Speaker Professor Jose Mas
Departament de Matemàtica Aplicada
Universitat Politècnica de València
Title Preconditioners for rank deficient least squares problems
Abstract A method for computing sparse preconditioners for iteratively solving rank deficient least squares problems (LS) by the LSMR method is presented. The main idea of the method proposed is to update an incomplete factorization computed for a regularized problem to recover the solution of the original one. The numerical experiments for a wide set of matrices arising from different science and engineering applications show that the preconditioner proposed, in most cases, can be successfully applied to accelerate the convergence of the iterative Krylov subspace method.


速水 謙
〒101-8430 東京都 千代田区 一ツ橋 2-1-2